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  • About Janus Movement Solutions

    Who are we?

    Janus Movement Solutions is an online, movement-centric coaching platform dedicated to improving human beings. Though movement is our focus and our specialty, we examine a variety of wellness topics, such as nutrition and relaxation, because feeling better these days isn’t simple or easy. We hope to be a quiet voice among the shouting, the cooler head that will prevail in the often-overwhelming fitness-movement-wellness world. With over 25 years of combined, practical experience, we specialize in the uncommon art of common sense.
    Learn more about our founders, Roger Parks and Jeremiah Waylon.

    Who are our clients?

    Our clients are professionals of all types at the tops of their fields. They are the busiest of the busy, but prove daily that there is always time to move and feel better. Our clients have learned a simple truth: A healthy body is not only more comfortable to inhabit, but more productive, and more successful.

    Who is this Janus guy and why should I care?

    Janus, the namesake of the month of January, is the Roman god of gateways, transitions, and beginnings. Janus is a fitting figure for this moment in our epoch: technology has advanced our lives, yet, in many ways, is harming us. Janus Movement Solutions examines common sources of friction between our bodies and the world around us, and looks to soothe them. With two faces, one staring into the past, the other staring into the future, Janus represents an integration of tradition and technology, compatibility between our ancient and future selves.

    Why do you need JMS?

    The fitness industry is not likely for you. Even though top fitness rags claim they are written for the every-human, they are not. Their ad-heavy pages offer vague nutrition advice and workouts that are sensational, often extreme, and better suited to well-muscled movie stars and fitness models. This advice, though targeting your attention, is designed for people who work out for a living, who have personal chefs, or spend six hours every Sunday prepping their low-carb menus. JMS doesn’t coach body builders or athletes, but Titans of Industry and Weekend Warriors, people who sit as a necessary evil and beat back stress as one of their daily duties.

    What to expect from this space

    We are not white-coated scientists. We haven’t invented anything, aren’t selling supplements, or the latest, greatest workout doohickey. We are experienced end-users of countless diets, movement strategies, exercise equipment, etc. We haven’t built this city, but are seasoned tour guides, and we can show you the places worth going. You can expect honest advice, candid reviews, and opinions shaped by one thing only: what we know has worked for us, and thousands of diverse, discerning clients who don’t have time for bullshit.

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