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  • About Nutrition Coaching

    With over 25 years of personal training and coaching experience, we’ve learned a few things. Most importantly, we have learned that for people who want to lose body fat, the limiting factor – the one thing that means either success or failure – is the way you eat. Exercise is essential, but you can — and most often do — gain weight with exercise alone. You must change what goes into your body if you want to lose body fat.

    We have also learned that the ability to eat well is not the mystery that many people make it seem. Sure, there are some hidden pitfalls in the food world we help coach around, but the dietary “problems” that most people face are not the sneaky kind, but the pizza and beer kind, the cake-at-two a.m. kind. People know, mostly, how to eat well, but have difficulty doing it anyway.

    Why is that?

    People tend to focus on what to eat, rather than how to eat. When resolve wanes, or the “proper” foods aren’t available, failure creeps in and takes over. Life happens in the margins, mostly below our conscious control. Sure, we are there, we see it all happen, but the setup of our environment, our attitudes, and the assumptions we make, these are the real drivers behind the things we do. We must change these things, so our new, healthier habits become automatic. Lean and healthy people seldom diet: they just live their lives in healthier ways, without thinking much about it.

    Our bodies and brains love to be lazy, and there is nothing lazier than going on auto-pilot and letting your habits and environment decide for you. Will power is not a strategy, so stop trying to change your nature, and allow it to help you. It will just take a bit of coaching, time, and repetition.

    Learn better habits. Practice better habits. Get out of your own way and let your habits do the work for you.

    How is our coaching different than quick-fix diets?

    It is behavior focused, not food focused. Knowing which foods are “better” or “worse” is useful, but knowing how to control your habits, your schedule, your attitudes, and emotional response to food is far more impactful.

    We use a year-long program to guide you toward better eating behaviors. Our bodies resist rapid change, so real results take time. A year allows enough time for mistakes and victories at a pace that allows for lasting change.

    It works. “Diets” that focus on restriction or deprivation often produce short-term weight loss, but we have never seen, in all of our time coaching, the restriction method of dieting last. Only clients who have changed their behavior, how they view, think about, and feel about food, have shown lasting results. You can’t just eat differently to change, but must learn to be different.

    What will you learn?

    You will learn how to make better eating choices: “how” to eat, rather than merely what to eat.

    You will learn how to change without being miserable. No deprivation or extreme restriction here.

    You will disregard the “eat this not that” mentality bombarding you every time you go online. This is a huge relief for the savvy client and a huge time savings. You will learn that foods are seldom miraculous and seldom poisonous, and relax into a level-headed approach to food choices.

    You will make good choices when you are stressed, busy, or low on options.

    You will learn the power of habit change, so you can apply it to all aspects of your life.

    Your certified nutrition coach will guide you through a year-long program. With small, easy steps you will build better habits. These new habits will be sustainable, not temporary, and get stronger with practice.

    Precision Nutrition Pro Coach will power your experience, a program that will deliver daily tips, and lessons to your inbox about the habits you are working to acquire. This will keep your mind on the program, and offer constant accountability and feedback – two things that are paramount to success. Even the busiest clients we have ever worked with have been able to carve out 10 minutes a day, which, after the initial set up, is all the time your daily lessons will take to complete: A very modest investment of time, and well worth the returns.

    You won’t be alone: whichever program you choose, one of our PN certified coaches will be on the other side of your responses, watching for moments when we think you might need a bit of extra help. Easy communication between you and your coach will take place via email or messenger, or for those who need more assistance, we will do monthly, or even weekly coaching sessions.

    Easily track your progress online: experience tells us that if you won’t track it, you won’t change it.
    Clients who have used this method of coaching have become both healthier and happier. You can get great information from books, but it often needs to be interpreted, and that’s what we’re here to help with. Doing this alone often fails, and you may have already experience that.

    Keep this is in mind: if the way you have been doing it hasn’t worked, or it hasn’t worked long-term, then it’s time to try a different way, a better way.

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